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Haritalika Teej which is a great festival celebrated by the Nepalese  Hindu women in Nepal has also been celebrated at London, UK. The Teej festival has been celebrated at the  Pashupatinath Temple at Plumstid of London, Hindu Temple of Alpartan and the Ram Mandir of Southel, UK and in between this the huge Teej programe has been held at the Asian Community Hall Plastidum organized by the Pashupatinath Temple of London, UK where more than One Thousand women were participated at the programme and on this occasion the Pandit Traya Nilhari Ghimire, Kamal Luitel and Binod Panthi has organized a special rituals for the women who have sit on a fasting. Pandit Nilhari Ghimire has presented his speech about the Haritalika Teej on the programme.

Photo by Phadindra Bhattarai

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Concord TV is a Public-access television which performs many news, entertainment and researchable program from USA

Concord TV is a Public-access television which performs many news, entertainment and researchable program from USA.  Hamro Aawaj (Our Voice) is a researchable and news base program where the host of the program Tilak Niraula is talks about different topic with guest. This program is organized with the help of Bhutanese community.

In this episode the host is talking about different religion with different religious person. He also ask many question with deferent’s religion monk pastor or priest. He asks about what is life and death? How can different religion. The gust also defines about life and death from different aspect.  To no more about different religion and its vision in different secretor  Watch on program.

 Other Local Events        

The director of Maiti Nepal and CNN Hero Anuradha Koirala has said that the children of Kathmandu has been made as a tout - Photos

EVENT in Nepal
Aug 29, 2014

CPN-maoist has called off Chitwan strike today to protest against the Indian ambassador to Nepal Ranjit rae.

EVENT in Nepal
August 29, 2014

The Nepali sisters of Tinian Island are celebrated the Haritalika Teej with lots of fun and different program. They are participants in the program with Read Sari and red custom on the occasion of the Nepali great festival - Photos

EVENT in North America
Aug 28, 2014

The happy moment brought by the success. Yes, the actor Sunil Thapa has cried for a long time to share his happy moment on the press conference organized at Kathmandu today - Photos

EVENT in Nepal
Aug 28, 2014

The CDO and DSP of Pachthar district danced on the Teej song.

EVENT in Nepal
Aug 28, 2014