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The Publicity rally for National Self respect Day was organized in Gulariya, Bardiya. Remembering the day on which Balbhadra Kunwar along with few soldiers fought bravely against thousands of soldiers of East India Company at Gadwal on 1871 A.D. from 17 kartik to 17 mangshir. So Mangshir 17 is celebrated as self-respect day. Celebrating the National Self respect Day on 17 mangshir, Radhakrishna Tharu Public ServiceOrganization has started publicity rally from the statue of Radhakrishna Tharu situated at centre of Gulariya.


Recent Events

Dirty grease has been found on a Slice

Nowadays the different problems has been found on a cold drinks that is available on a market and from this the realitiy has been outcasted that the consumers has been not only forced to use the low quality materials but they has been neglect.


The dirts grease has been found on some bottles of cold drinks where as the less quantities od liqiud has been found on some cold drinks and after the consumers have started to found this types of problems in cold drinks, the questions over the qualities of those cold drinks has been aroused. The dirts of grease has been found inside a Lehar Slice cold drinks bottle at the Malika resturant infront of the office of Butwal municipality.

Video by Chandra Khanal (DCnepal Reporter)

 Other Local Events        

Nepal Unemployment Association , an organization of unemployed youths in Nepal, organized a protest rally in the capital - Photos

EVENT in Nepal
Jan30, 2015

In the memory of the patriots, who scarified their lives for the cause of the nation and its people, Martyrs Day is being celebrated today throughout the country by organizing different programs.

EVENT in Nepal
Jan 30, 2015

Nepal Film Journalist Association NFJA organized a picnic program on Wednesday at Tribhuvan Park in Thankot - Photos

EVENT in Nepal
Jan 29, 2015

Scarcity of cooking gas would be sort out within 8-10 days. Makunda Ghimire

EVENT in Nepal
29, Jan, 2015

Despite being restricted at fourth position in World Cricket League Division 2, Nepali national team will get chance to participate in the tournament of Division 1.

EVENT in Nepal
Jan 29, 2015